I’m an engineer, an engineer that happens to love the Web. My favorite language is JavaScript and I’m really interested in nodejs. I really enjoy vanilaJS and that’s even more true now that ES6 is out.

More about me

The slightly longer story,

From very young age I was interested in technology and electronics. I was the go to guy in my family when there was a problem with the DVR or something. That curied on throughout the high school where i had the chance to work on more hands on staff through the technology class. The best thing that I had the chance to do is to participate in a solar powered RC car competition with a car that me and my team build.

Then I studied software engineering in the Cyprus university of technology(CUT). There, I  had the chance to come in contact with many technologies and new ideas. I worked with c/c++ and that was really difficult, then came JAVA and that was a totally different story. And finally PHP. That’s when I realized that I’m really interested in WEB.

I strongly believe the web is the future and that’s only logical because its everywhere and that’s not going to change any time soon. That’s exactly why i decided to take a web related thesis subject. It was a WebRTC based video and text chatting application. And that’s when WebRTC was just a draft and compatibility was really really bad.

Now working as a software engineer for I’m learning like never before and that’s why I decided to share my journey. So welcome and I hope you find it interesting and useful.